Tereza Terra

Atelier Terra - Atelier ZeMě

Paintings, stories, heart, soul and miracles...

"Do you want to your dreams to come true? Then wake up!“

My dream has always been to live my life to the fullest, to do and learn what I love and what enriches me and in this way bring joy and inspiration into my life as well as to lives of others.

,,What if I fall?" ,,But darling, what if you fly?"

I make pictures of my soul, they are stories of my soul. And these stories come to me through „Terra“ in her beauty, fulness and uniqueness together with all the colours, animals, forests, meadows and last but not least with people. Who is Terra? For me, Terra – our Earth – is an endless source of inspiration. Thank You, Terrra. Thank you, people.

For my paintings I use special Dutch pencils, watercolour pencils and ordinary pencils. I use oil paints for canvas. Sometimes also acrylic. I used to do fabric painting and I also love paiting on walls in rooms and facades of houses. I love drawing energies of people right onto their bodies – bodypaiting. Rather than drawing pictures of on the body, I draw pictures that radiate from the body.

I love being creative and creating pictures with stories. Pictures that are deep and have meaning.

I often get feedback from people that my colourful paintings have the ability to heal and bring joy and inspiration to people who have them in thier homes.

Every one of my paintings carries a story. I paint from my heart. It`s my dream come true to paint for people. While painting I use everything I`ve learnt in life so far. My paintings carry my own inner richness, experiences from my travels, reflections of people, natural beauties, emotions from my life experiences and what I learnt from them, what I`m still learning and the connection with my inner world.

My masters... :-)

I`ve completed a two year long training with Petr Málek and Magdaléna Šloncová called „A guide along the Path“ in Zdebořice centre. I can sincerely recommend Petr`s workshops to everybody who is looking for their Path in life. www.cesta.biz

There were many masters on my life path. Those I appreciate most are my friends and family, who never leave me.

(Not only) Artistic school of life from my father, Zdenek Věrčák.

My father`s paintings will always be paitings of a great master for me.

I owe my parents for motivating me early from my childhood to follow my own path. You`ll find my father`s paintings on www.denisgallery.eu

My life`s always been interlaced with horses. I`ve been around horses all my life. My mum brought me to horses when I was two years old.

Together with my Mum we teach both children and adults natural communication with horses and basics of horse-riding. We also run yoga seminars in Mezipotočí where most of my family live.


I love travelling. I spent a few years of my life travelling.

I`ve tried living abroad as well as in various places in the Czech Republic only to find out that my I belong where my roots are. And that`s in beautiful southern Bohemia where I live together with my Man, who`s my best friend, loving partner and also an inspiring painter.

Together we run vernissages where you are most welcome. You can find paintings of my partner Li-aM on my webside in Gallery – Li-aM`s Paintings. You can contact Libor via our shared email – aladriels@seznam.cz

I spent two years working in the UK with disabled people who were bedridden or with elderly dying people. This experience brought me plenty of inner eperiences and I re-evaluated my priorities. It`s been one of my greatest life lessons.

I love playing musical instruments, I love dancing, I love walking through meadows and woods alone or with my beloved Man and our dog pack.

Everything I`ve experienced taught me that there`s always more to learn.

My Path guides me more and more towards doing what I love and sharing it with others.

Most of all I love painting pictures with stories that have a deep meaning.. that can heal and bring joy.

I feel connected to people, nature, emotions, stories. I often paint stories on topics that are important for you in your lives. These pictures can become your own bodyguard, your guide, your personal picture. Through this intiuitive work I`m trying to mediate whatever is meant to get to you. This way I`m but a messenger or a guide in your story with colourful paintings.

You can order a paiting for your home on canvas or a drawing on paper or a paiting right on your wall, a paiting for your website, bookcover, illustration, CD cover, tattoo design with a story, a wedding present or a wedding invitation picture.

There are no boundaries for your fantasies.

I look forward to meeting you. If you want to get in touch, you`ll find me on Facebook: Atelier Terra or you can send me an email: aladriels@seznam.cz

With Love,

Tereza Terra